Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why I should choose (not chase) a vision

I have always had a vision - professionally. And I have always tried very hard to chase that vision. And as visions go, they were lofty. In trying to go after my vision, it now seems that I have constantly ignored the smaller problems that I am faced with. This is a critical understanding that has to sink in.

I can't become a Calculus guru unless I learn additions first. Just like how I learnt math at school, it is only when I became good at basic math that the next level is exposed. I didn't even know Calculus existed until high school. You can only peel the outer-most layer of an onion. And when you do that, the inner layer is exposed. And so on. You can't peel the inner layers first.

I do have to choose the right onion of course.